A Day of Joy & Community: 2022 Transgender Day of Visibility Rally

2022 Transgender Day of Visibility Rally

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility, the Equality Coalition held a rally on Saturday, April 2, 2022. This beautiful day was filled with love as the transgender community and allies gathered to celebrate trans joy and trans lives. Our fight for the rights of ALL Texans endures, and we’re grateful to everyone in our community who showed up to say that trans people belong in Texas!

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“I stand with you today to declare that we will not stop fighting for the rights of trans Texans. And to say, that your civil rights are the bare minimum. Our transgender community deserves to be celebrated. You deserve joy. You deserve to feel safe.

The hatred we are hearing is loud. We are louder. It is up to us as allies of the transgender community to drown out these attacks with love and action. To the trans children and their families that are here today, to the trans adults that are here today: You are loved, and we are all incredibly lucky to be in your presence. And as we continue to celebrate, we wish you a Happy Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Val Benavidez, TFN President and Executive Director