2015 Claytie Award: Help Us Choose the Most Outrageous Quote from the Texas Right This Year

by Dan Quinn

Sometimes at the end of the year, the best thing you can say in review is, “It could’ve been worse.” And starting with the legislative session that kicked off 2015, it’s absolutely true – it could have been worse. But thanks to our more than 100,000 supporters and amazing partners, we kept a lot of the worst stuff from coming to pass in Texas.

Now we can take a breath and maybe even have a laugh – at the expense of some of the more embarrassing “leaders” in our state. Help us out: vote on the worst quote of 2015 and let’s crown the inaugural Claytie Award winner. (Click the link to find out why we named it the “Claytie Award.”)

From pure fantasy (“My goal is for everyone to be abstinent until they are married.”) to outright bigotry (“I don’t want homosexuals in our city. Send them back to San Francisco!”), there was no shortage of Texans running their mouths. Heck, it was pretty hard to just winnow this list down to a dirty dozen quotes.

Vote today for the worst quote of 2015 and let’s crown the Claytie Award winner. A “winner” will be announced on Monday, December 21.



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