'What else does the Bible say about dinosaurs?'

The audio above is almost as amusing as the clip from “The Revisionaries” in which former Texas State Board of Education Chair Don McLeroy uses a cardboard model to describe how all the animals were able to fit on Noah’s Ark. You know, this one, where at the end all the children pretty much say “NO!” when asked if dinosaurs were on the Ark, only to be contradicted by McLeroy.

The audio above is a radio ad that comes courtesy of Ken Ham. Ham, a young-Earth creationist from Australia, founded the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis and is president of the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Answers in Genesis seeks “to train others to develop a biblical worldview” and “to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas, and its bedfellow, a ‘millions of years old earth’ (and even older universe).” All of this is on full display in Ham’s ad above. Here’s the money quote:

What else does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

Um, nothing. It says nothing.

As long as we’re throwing out nonscientific ideas, let’s play along. Maybe all of the animals, including the dinosaurs, were placed on the Ark in alphabetical order. The unlucky unicorns were placed in between the T-Rexes and the velociraptors. Hence, no more unicorns. Noah got upset at T-Rex’s and velociraptor’s lack of self-control and tossed them overboard. Hence, no more dinosaurs. And that’s what really happened to the dinosaurs. Mystery solved. And I have just as much scientific evidence for my theory as Mr. Ham has for his claims.

Look, parents and religious congregations have every right to teach their faith beliefs to their children. But anti-evolution activists want to teach those faith beliefs as science. And some members of the State Board of Education want science textbooks in Texas to include discredited creationist arguments attacking evolution. Don’t let them do it. Help us #StandUp4Science and sign our petition today.

15 thoughts on “'What else does the Bible say about dinosaurs?'

  1. I have heard Ham before and always in awe of his mastery of bull crap. Even in a one minute add for his new exhibit he can give you a double dose

  2. Oh, and let’s not forget the fire breathing, winged dragons in King Arthur’s time…and mermaids…and all those beautiful winged horses like in Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.”

  3. Ham rakes in millions of dollars with his “mastery of bull crap.” Nothing personal, it’s business.

    1. These creeps have to be called out on this stuff at every turn. They undermine the scientific dialogue and pervert Christianity. The only valid purpose they serve is to make thinking believers question the validity of their religion.

        1. @Rubin Sunset. Thanks! I only glanced at the article because I am participating in the great American pastime (goofing off at work), but I will definitely read it! Fascinating.

  4. Sorry, my mistake.

    It’s TAX FREE business. Isn’t that special? We all help good old Hambo.

  5. So a guy who can’t even figure out which is the front end of a chair wants to teach me about science?

  6. Early last year I was traveling in that area and decided to blow a few bucks and visit the ‘Creation Museum’ in Kentucky (this is not the Noah’s Ark place, a few miles away). I even got a couple of books and DVDs that have continued to entertain me. True, the animatronics were fascinating; technologically it’s a great show. However, nothing impressed me more than seeing families reverently agog at the mindless s_ _t on display; they were such a sad exhibit of devout mindlessness…

  7. Just goes to show how illogical and backward thinking some people can be. They want to teach this nonsense to our children?

    1. Dave – do not in anyway think that this teaching this to children is some kind of conspiracy, but I can certainly see how some political factions swoop in and take advantage of the gullible when they get older.

  8. I am very surprised he didn’t set up his snake oil wagon in good ol’ Texas. He would surely have made a bumper crop of cash. Lots of folks hereabouts buy into his kinda bovine scatology.