The Week in Quotes (Jan. 14 – 20)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

Brandon Rottinghaus of the University of Houston, on the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to review Texas’ disputed U.S. and state House maps.

“Redistricting and gerrymandering create an unnatural advantage for one party or the other and the court’s alteration of that would have a profound effect the politics of the state.”


Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, defending President Trump’s comments about immigrants from places including Africa and Central America.

“I don’t think there’s anything racist about it at all.”


Craig McDonald, director of Texans for Public Justice, on Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller’s use of campaign funds to purchase a Chevy Tahoe.

“Our regulations are lax, but that doesn’t mean you have to drive a Tahoe through them.”


TFN President Kathy Miller, on a Trump administration policy that favors health care workers who refuse to do their jobs if they have religious or moral objections to certain services or to the individuals receiving them.

“This policy makes a mockery of religious freedom by turning faith into a weapon to discriminate and harm people simply because of who they are or the health care services they need. It’s outrageous and dangerous to make care for an LGBT person, a woman or anyone else dependent on the personal beliefs of a doctor or emergency care worker rather than on medical necessity.”