The Week in Quotes (Feb. 26 – March 4)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

Former President George W. Bush

I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. We needed independent media to hold people like me to account. Power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.


Richardson ISD Superintendent Jeannie Stone, responding to video of state Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, berating students who voiced opposition to private school vouchers.

My disappointment in Senator Huffines’ comments is only exceeded by my pride in our students, who showed Austin how well public school students are prepared for life after high school. They were poised and ready for a fact-based conversation about some of the most pressing issues facing Texas today.


House Public Education Committee Chairman Dan Huberty, R-Houston, when asked if private school voucher bills were “dead” this legislative session.

I believe so, yes.


Brandon Rottinghaus, a political science professor at the University of Houston, on a lawsuit challenging benefits for same-sex spouses of Houston city employees.

If marriage is only about what’s on a piece of paper, then effectively it moots the value of being married and value of those marriages.


Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of Common Cause Texas, on the effort pushed by Gov. Greg Abbott, and other Texas Republicans, to change the U.S. Constitution.

It’s a realistic possibility. It’s terrifying, but it is a realistic possibility.


Pat Robertson, claiming that resistance to Donald Trump is motivated by Satan.

There’s a desire on the part of some, and I think it’s satanic, it really is spiritual, to destroy America. America is the great hope of the world. If America goes down, the lamp of freedom goes out. There’s no other champion of freedom anywhere in the world and we would be engulfed in chaos.