We Won’t be Silenced

Today, the State Board of Education voted to lock in a series of revisions to social studies curriculum standards that, as we told you yesterday, will mislead a generation of students.

Fortunately, these changes must be approved by a final vote in November, so we’re not done. Not by a long shot.

Ignoring direct testimony from scholars and educators may be business-as-usual for the board — but we WILL NOT let them slink away into the shadows.

Our students deserve a 21st century education. We will accept nothing less.

We need your support to push this issue into the spotlight. We have until November to amplify this critical message with your voices and your support.

And if you missed yesterday’s recap of the damage at the SBOE, you can catch up here. And then help TFN’s #TeachTheTruth campaign hold the know-nothings accountable.