VOTE TODAY: Documentary Featuring TFN’s Work at the Texas SBOE Is Up for Audience Award

***Click here to vote for The Revisionaries as the Independent Lens Audience Award winner for 2013.***

Over the past year, the award-winning documentary The Revisionaries has shined a bright light on the politics that surround the bruising textbook battles at the Texas State Board of Education. Starting at the prestigious Tribeca Film festival in New York last year, the film has also introduced the Texas Freedom Network and our fight against right-wing censorship to theater audiences across the country. And earlier this year the PBS show Independent Lens featured The Revisionaries in a national broadcast.

Now The Revisionaries is in the running for the Independent Lens Audience Award. With voting ending today, The Revisionaries is currently in second place. A first-place finish would help bring more attention to TFN’s efforts to get politics and right-wing extremism out of public school classrooms.

So click here to cast your vote for The Revisionaries as the 2013 Independent Lens Audience Award winner. Just click on the star ratings under The Revisionaries entry on that web page to cast your vote — but act now because voting ends today.

3 thoughts on “VOTE TODAY: Documentary Featuring TFN’s Work at the Texas SBOE Is Up for Audience Award

  1. The Revisionaries is such an important film about such a crucial topic in education today that it deserves to win.

  2. Can we please teach things that will improve our children’s lives, things that are real! Real provable science, real documented history, actual geography, climate change, evolution, etc.

  3. You know. Texas conservatives (and maybe some liberals and moderates) might be shocked to know that people outside of Texas DO NOT hold their breath waiting to see the next big move someone plans to make in Texas. I have been to the water cooler many times at work over the past 44 years and at many different workplaces, and I can honestly say that not one single person has ever mentioned some political, social, or whatever event, move, belief, or plan taking place in Texas. Texas is out of sight and out of mind almost all of the time. I think this is one reason no one was fired up about Governor Perry during the Republican presidential primaries. It sometimes seems to me that people down in Texas think that people out here swoon and shoot off fireworks at the drop of the name “Texas.” Sorry, it does not happen—not even in the other T state.

    The Republicans in the Texas legislature a few days ago were behaving as if they were leading the nation like Moses out in front of the children of Israel as they were leaving en mass from ancient Egypt. I can assure you Texas, every last one of you, that America does not “Look to Texas” for guidance on which way the nation should go.

    Personally, and I am not trying to be mean about this, Texas and Texans are legends in their own minds—and that is about it. No one takes Texas swagger and bravado seriously out here—no one that I know does—and I know a lot of people. Really, over a drink at happy hour, Texas never comes up out here in the other 49. I think Texas Republicans in particular need to understand that basic fact. We do not give a sh– about your Texas BS.