The far right’s determination to demean and destroy its opponents knows no bounds, apparently. In fact, the “Abortion Barbie” attacks on state Sen. Wendy Davis began shortly after her courageous filibuster last summer. But this image is a twofer for race-baiters and activists in the war on women. Truly vile.

We have no intention of linking to the right-wing blog where this image appeared, by the way. But there are plenty of similar examples now making the rounds in the blogosphere and on social media.

7 thoughts on “Vile

  1. I have no doubt that the individuals who post material like this still proudly maintain their family’s collection of white robes and hoods in their closet. There is no other explination that fits the facts. Even sadder, is the fact that these vile offerings are accepted and recirculated by many.

  2. GOP racist bigots are afraid of Wendy Davis, this is why we see this kind of crap. My husband and I are working hard to get as many of these bigots out of office as possible.

  3. Typical right wing nonsense. They can’t win an argument with reason, so they resort to name calling, which sadly works much of the time.

  4. I’ll go a step further. People who believe in this sort of crap are not real Americans. Get out of my country.