Very Petty, Attorney General Abbott

by Dan Quinn

The First Amendment might protect the right of Americans “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” but some Texans found out today that it doesn’t bar elected officials from insulting people who exercise that right.

Today Equality Texas tried to deliver to the office of state Attorney General Greg Abbott thousands of petitions from Texans asking Abbott and Gov. Rick Perry to stop defending the state’s unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriage. But Abbott, who opposes marriage equality, decided to be petty about it and had the folks delivering those petitions turned away in the lobby. From an Equality Texas email earlier today:

Equality Texas and several same-sex couples and their families had planned to deliver over 5,200 petitions to Attorney General Greg Abbott urging that he and Governor Rick Perry drop their defense of the state’s hurtful and discriminatory ban on marriage for same-sex couples. Despite the plans prearranged last week in which a staff member would meet us in the lobby and take possession of the petitions, the Attorney General’s office said they would only accept the petitions if they were mailed via an acceptable ground carrier.

Not to be deterred, the families trucked the wagon down the street to a nearby UPS Store and the petitions will be delivered to the Attorney General’s office on Tuesday.

So instead of gracefully accepting petitions from his fellow Texans, Attorney General Abbott arrogantly decided to insult them and force Equality Texas to spend money, unnecessarily, to have the petitions delivered commercially instead. How petty.

More from Equality Texas:

Just as these families were turned away today, every day that these discriminatory laws remain in place is another day that Texas couples and their families are denied the dignity and respect they are due under the United States Constitution.

You can read the full email from Equality Texas here.