Today’s Lesson is 50-49 = 1 Texas+Infinity Freedom

by Jose Medina

There we were this morning, gathering info for our State Board of Education 2014 elections page when we stumbled upon the website, and then the Facebook page, of SBOE District 3 candidate Dave Mundy, R-Gonzales.

Mundy, the general manager and editor of the Gonzales Cannon newspaper, acknowledges that as an SBOE member he would have no legislative power over certain things. Let’s for the sake of argument say that one of those things is Texas secession. But if he did have powers over certain things, he would use those powers.

Which is why he signed the below pledge (click to enlarge) from the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Mundy has no opponent in the Republican primary next March. He will face incumbent Marisa Perez, a Democrat, and Libertarian Steve Hernandez in the November general elections.