The SBOE’s ‘Hall of Shame’

by TFN

In the Texas Freedom Network’s nearly 14 years of existence, we have seen plenty of nonsense come out of the Texas State Board of Education. Board members have attacked health textbooks for including even basic information on contraception and photographs of women in professional careers (rather than sufficiently promoting stay-at-home moms as the ideal). They have criticized social studies textbooks for not portraying Muslims and their religion as, apparently, somehow depraved and evil. They have demanded, to the dismay of classroom teachers, that language arts classes return to the teaching strategies of the past to deal with the challenges of today. They insisted that the board withdraw from the National Association of State Boards of Education because that organization dared to support efforts to protect gay and lesbian students from bullying and harassment. (In fact, some board members seem to be obsessed with exposing the “homosexual agenda” –whatever that is — in Texas public schools.) The list goes on and on. Now, of course, the state board has turned its attention to revising public school science standards and to an ideological crusade promoting state-imposed challenges to evolution.

TFN’s Web site has put together a list of some of the most recent examples of nonsense and extremism from the state board. Please check it out. We anticipate that the list will grow considerably in coming months.

Note: Posting to TFN Insider will be lighter than normal during the next two weeks, although we will try to keep readers updated on important news. We wish everyone a very happy and peaceful holiday season.