The Right Pushes for Dunbar Appointment

One of the Ten Commandments forbids lying, but far-right pressure groups seem to think it doesn’t apply to them. Mistruths are plentiful in their campaign to get Cynthia Dunbar named chair of the Texas State Board of Education. The biggest lie is that opponents of her appointment are discriminating against Dunbar because of her religious beliefs. A spokesperson for one fringe group says Dunbar’s critics “oppose religious freedom, particularly Christian conservatives.”

That dishonest line of attack is simply an attempt to distract Texans from the truth: Dunbar, who has homeschooled her own children, shouldn’t be chair of the state board because she hates public schools. They are, she says, “unconstitutional,” “tyrannical,” and “tools of perversion.” Those are her own words. The fact is most people would also oppose an agriculture commissioner who despises farmers or a surgeon general who denounces modern medicine.

Moreover, her own supporters have have made it crystal clear that they think anyone who disagrees with them isn’t a real Christian. See, for example, here, here, here and here. That kind of arrogance and self-righteousness is nauseating. So is lying to people while using faith as a weapon to divide Texans for political gain.

6 thoughts on “The Right Pushes for Dunbar Appointment

  1. Well. I do not agree fully with her religious beliefs. She should quit trying to use the authority of government to impose her religious beliefs on people who are not of the same persuasion. However, she has the constitutional right to believe whatever she wishes. Heck, if her rights to religious freedom were ever seriously and truly threatened, I might possibly consider hiring or renting someone to go to war for her in my place—just like the draft dodgers did during the Civil War.

    Are you guys are laughing your butts off? I am.

  2. The newspapers and editorials in Texas about Dunbar in the last couple of days have been severe in their opposition. At least the press understands her danger.

    Read a couple of them here.

    A Dangerous Mind To Lead Texas Schools?
    by Cautious Man

    State Board of Indoctrination
    by Jimmy Fowler

    Dunbar at helm? Yikes
    By LISA FALKENBERG Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

  3. It comforts me that the newspapers in Texas, like those in Florida, typically “get it” in these situations and pull no punches.

  4. Some newspapers may “get it” but I doubt the public does, not when I consider the kind of letters to the editor I read in the San Antonio Express-News. My conclusion is the majority of letter-writers would support Ms. Dunbar.

  5. The fact that Perry is even considering Dunbar is an insult to Texas. But this is nothing new! Perry supports Dunbar’s agenda, which is the same as McLeroy’s, which is the same as the rest of the social conservative bloc on the SBOE. The Senate’s rejection of McLeroy had only symbolic value. To improve the SBOE, we need to start replacing some members, starting with Dunbar.

    Fortunately, the demographics of SBOE10 are quite favorable. I should know, as I’m running for that seat. So are Judy Jennings and Rebecca Osborne. Learn more about us on our websites,, and, and support — generously — the sensible candidate of your choice (preferably me).

  6. Why don’t you three agree on which one of you has the best chance against Dunbar and then only one of you run against her so you don’t split the vote?