The 'Death Panel' Lie That Won't Die

The folks at Family Research Council — who helped organize Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s August 2011 prayer extravaganza in Houston — apparently think lying is a perfectly acceptable part of the “Christian worldview” it seeks to promote in public policy. In an email today, the FRC asks its supporters to help stop implementation of the Affordable Care Act and President Obama’s alleged efforts to “crush freedom.” It’s a standard right-wing screech, but we’re a little surprised to see this lie still being promoted:

“We are fighting the death-panel provisions of ObamaCare as well. Unelected government bureaucrats should not be deciding the limits of your childrens’, parents’ or grandparents’ healthcare options. Or yours! The fiscal burden alone would be enough reason to fight ObamaCare; but as the death panels demonstrate, ObamaCare is far more–far worse–than simply a financial disaster. It is an encroachment on individual liberty more egregious than any law passed in our lifetime.”

Good grief. There are no “death panels” in the Affordable Care Act. There are no provisions that give “bureaucrats” the authority to decide “the limits of your childrens’, parents’ or grandparents’ healthcare options.” FRC and other far-right groups are simply trying to scare people when they repeat such lies.

One might think that supporters of organizations like the FRC would be angry over being lied to and manipulated like this. But a Washington Post piece reports about research showing “that providing readers with a corrective information to dispel an Obamacare myth can actually strengthen belief in death panels.” Good grief again.

7 thoughts on “The 'Death Panel' Lie That Won't Die

  1. In Baytown, Texas, the high school kids believed that Obama was going to RFID tag everyone using the Afforadable Health Care Act. Then their evey movement could be traced. I’m not sure if facts have dispeled this article of faith either.

  2. I just went to the Family Research Council’s Facebook page and told them this. I don’t know if it will stay on, but I suggest everyone make some comment on their page.

  3. It’s not the Affordable Care Act that is the problem. Everyone knows that my old college colleague at The University of Tennessee, Nancy Ann Min DeParle, better known as Obama’s “Healthcare Czar,” used Mitt Romney’s Republican healthcare plan as the model for Obamacare. Obamacare is really a conservative Republican healthcare plan. The problem all these extreme conservatives really have with it is the fact that it was provided to the American people by someone they view as being a “migger.” If the very same healthcare plan—exactly the same in all respects—had been offered up by a pure blood Aryan school boy like the one in the film clip below, every damned one of these wingnut extremists would be hailing it as the greatest thing since the resurrection of Jesus.

    I’m the old man in the black beret.

  4. It has been established that reason, logic and impartial evaluation of information are not the strong suits of those who are imbued with heavily reinforced belief systems that might not be correlable with the concept of two plus two equals four. Faith, by its nature, requires a suspension of logic, the proverbial “leap of faith “. As such, the endless repetition of unsupported information can become, an end unto itself. No wonder fundamentalists score lower on tests of reasoning skills.
    I.f we repeat something often enough, it becomes “fact “, regardless of reality. The. Family Council phenomena of non thinking dogma repeaters referenced above is proof of that.

  5. “Unelected government bureaucrats should not be deciding the limits of your childrens’, parents’ or grandparents’ healthcare options. Or yours!”

    Apparently, they think it’s OK for the FRC and other rightwingnut organizations to advocate for PPACA (Obamacare) repeal, which would deny healthcare to a great many individuals who have no other options. That’s what sounds like “death panels” to me. I suppose they’re too stupid to see that! They’re not the brightest light bulbs in the ceiling fan.

  6. Ironically, “Death Panels” are what we have now. A while back we attended a fund-raiser in a staunchly fundabaglican TX town, for a woman whose doctor told the Insurance Company that she would die without a certain surgical procedure.

    The Insurance Company Death Panel said “No.”

    She died. (Not enough funds were raised.)

    If we are (hypothetically) to have Death Panels, let us at least make them unelected Government bureaucrats, rather than anonymous clerks in the Claims Department of a gigantic for-profit corporation.

  7. FEAR is the driving force of those anti-Democratic, hate groups. Gee, that pretty well describes a political party that just lost a major election, too.

    Once again, the people who believe the garbage those groups spew out DESERVE to be misled.

    Plentiful real information is available but they are too blasted lazy to read it.

    The other day a “birther” made the error of telling me that President Obama was not an American because he as born in another country. I find it difficult to keep my temper under control when I hear morons sticking to that absurd idea.

    Since his mother was an American citizen, it made no difference WHERE in the world he was born, he was a natural born AMERICAN. Had he been born on Mars, he would STILL have been a natural born American.

    I’m tired of the racial hatred that surrounds on of the best presidents we’ve ever had. His is the first and ONLY presidency that has not been surrounded by criminal actions. Reagan’s had over 140 criminal actions, Nixon? But the Clinton administration was constantly attacked but nothing could ever be proven, just accusation after accusation.

    Beam me up!