The 65-Ton, 85-Foot-Long Dreadnoughtus in the Room

by Jose Medina

The anti-science crowd will be working overtime this weekend to account for this one: scientists have unearthed what could be one of the largest living things to ever walk the planet, a dinosaur so massive that it may have been heavier than a Boeing 737-900 passenger jet.

The report from the L.A. Times:

This hulking dinosaur stood two stories tall at its shoulder and weighed as much as seven Tyrannosauruses rex. It measured 85 feet from head to tail, including its 37-foot-long neck and 30-foot-long muscular tail.

Scientists are hesitant to say that Dreadnoughtus schrani is the largest dinosaur species that ever lived, but it is certainly right up there.

Based on the size of the femur, or thigh bone, and the humerus, or upper arm bone, scientists believe this Dreadnoughtus weighed 65 tons when it died 66 million to 84 million years ago. (They are still working on getting a more precise age.) That would make it heavier than a Boeing 737.

And here’s the kicker: Skeletal evidence suggests that at the time of its death, the gargantuan creature was still growing.

You’ve gotta love science.

Your move, creationists. Time to figure out how two of these got on the Ark right there alongside humans and every other animal to have ever existed, and then fit it all within a timeline of only 10,000 years.

Speaking of which, this classic clip from The Revisionaries comes to mind: