Thanks, Texas SBOE

When we say the State Board of Education has made Texas a laughingstock, we’re not kidding. Sunday’s Doonesbury cartoon strip:


9 thoughts on “Thanks, Texas SBOE

  1. [This space reserved for Don McLeroy’s inevitable “We had nothing to do with this” comment]

    1. “… someone has to stand up to these experts….”
      Nevertheless, our two recent governors are the roots of the problem. They have appointed creationists, American exceptionalists and home schoolers to chair the board. I don’t know how that can be fixed. Does anyone?

      1. Hopefully, their rotten standards will eventually become too much to bear for even neocons and especially theocons to bear with a clear conscience and they will act. With that said, a lot of things that are not done and passed off to conscience are more accurately placed in the cold feet category. Corruption breeds more corruption especially when the corruption is in government or law enforcement; Paxton is both all rolled into one.

  2. Texas will continue to be a laughingstock as long as Texans allow people like the morons on the SBOE to keep their jobs. I for one will be talking to my grand children about the TRUTH of the Civil War, and let them know that their text books are filled with lies. It is up to the parents and grand parents to make sure the children of Texas learn the truth of this Country,and State and not a bunch of lies to push a right wing agenda.

  3. So sorry only the far left is whining about our great state of TX. In reality, our President, Congress and Washington D C is the laughing stock of this nation. If ya don’t like it, import more illegals to prop up your votes, we dance with the majority here. ☺️

    1. Hey, Pamela, did you read the comic?I know it’s difficult to understand but it points out bad, bad Texas history Pamela. You shouldn’t be sticking up for something so stupid.

    2. So sorry, as a Native Texan with a College education I realized that in all the Texas government and History classes-6- I was never required, nor offered the opportunity to read the Declaration of Secession.

      Talk about revisionism!

      Btw, I may be a liberal, but bet I scored better on CHL than you did. Written 100% , range 242/250

  4. Wondering how far this needs to go before businesses realize these issues have a negative effect on recruiting top talent for their Texas locations.