TFN’s Student Leaders: Why They Need Your Support

Support TFN’s Student Leaders
One of our generous donors who believes strongly in the importance of civic engagement among young Texans has set up a special Five-Day $5,000 Challenge. That means every dollar you donate between now and February 28 will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to the $5,000 limit.

Did you know that TFN boasts one of the most effective progressive student organizing efforts in the state?

That’s right. When it comes to training and mobilizing the next generation of progressive Texas leaders, TFN is leading the way, and is even stronger now that we’ve partnered with Wellstone Action.

We want to give you quick update on how we’ve grown and what’s on the horizon for TFN students.

Our work on college campuses has gone from just a pilot program at the University of Texas at Austin just a few years ago to eight student chapters on campuses around the state spanning from El Paso to Houston… from Dallas to Brownsville.

During this election year, our student chapters will register thousands of their peers to vote. And they won’t stop there. They’ll be calling, texting and knocking on doors to get young Texans to the polls.

With your help, we can do even more.

Here’s just a sampling of what your support means to these student leaders.

  • $25 … provides food & drinks for one student chapter meeting (that’s a lot of pizza!)
  • $50 … buys supplies for voter registration tabling
  • $100 … funds a monthly stipend for a TFN campus-chapter officer
  • $500 … supports two issue-education forums on campus
  • $1,000 … allows five students to attend TFN’s civic engagement training
  • $2,500 … underwrites one entire semester for a TFN student chapter

As you can see, your investment in TFN is an investment in the future generation of progressive leaders in our state.

We believe better days are ahead for Texas. These young leaders can make it happen. Help TFN ensure they have the support they need to bring lasting change to our state.