TFN’s Kathy Miller to Talk Monday on SiriusXM Radio about Fight Against Anti-LGBT Bills

SignorileBookThe clock may have run out on one of the worst of the anti-LGBT bills in the Texas House Thursday night, but that bill’s supporters are still looking for other opportunities to enshrine discrimination in Texas law before the legislative session ends.

So on Monday Texas Freedom Network Kathy Miller will talk with SiriusXM radio host Michelangelo Signorile about our efforts fighting for LGBT equality at the Texas Capitol. Signorile is bringing his program to Austin for two days — May 18-19 — to talk about that battle.

Signorile’s show airs 2-5 p.m. Central time/3-6 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays on SiriusXM’s Channel 127. Right now Kathy is slated to be on the program at 3:35 Central time on Monday. But make sure also to tune in both days for the other discussions over the more than 20 anti-LGBT bills filed in the Texas Legislature this year.

Signorile will also be speaking and signing copies of his new book, It’s Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality, at BookPeople in Austin on May 18. Click here for more on that event.

3 thoughts on “TFN’s Kathy Miller to Talk Monday on SiriusXM Radio about Fight Against Anti-LGBT Bills

  1. HELP! A gay couple recently bought a house right across the street from me. I think it will force my home’s value to go down so I wonder if I should just walk away from my mortgage or what. I am so scared.
    Can I catch gay from them being in my neighborhood? How can I tell? If my granddaughters come to visit me does that mean that they could catch gay or worse? AIDS?
    I have been vomiting from nerves because they are across the street from me.


    Thank you, whoever slapped me back to sanity. I did meet them and welcomed them into the neighborhood. They seem like really nice ladies and I guess we’ll enjoy having them as neighbors. The people who sold them the house were snobs and had nothing to do with any of the neighbors.

    What I really wonder about are the sick mofos who simply understand that “gay” is made while gestating; it’s not a choice despite what the fear mongers among us refuse to understand that FACT.

    I do not want to harm anyone, but there has got to be a way of “accidentally” applying super glue to their lips to shut the funymentalists from speaking their hatred. I’m so happy that I am not a Christian. LGBT folks are welcome at my house of worship. Guess we’re all going to hell…if there were one (G)

  2. I agree with you on a couple of points. First, if the deadline has passed and its over, then it over. Second, why would I want to hurt someone for no apparent reason? Gays have to make a living and survive in this world.

    I am not at all in favor of torturing, maligning or anything else. God will handle it Himself as far as that goes.

    However as a Bible believing Christian I must point out that the places that talk about homosexuality put it in an extreme negative life,insist it is a moral perversion and guarantees a place in eternal hell for those who practice it. It is also called a judicial act of God who turns people over to that lifestyle as a punishment for rebellion.

    The argument then is not with men but rather with God. He also left tangible physical evidence about what happens to places that practice that. Go to the lower SE corner of the Dead Sea and the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah are there. That region has never recovered from the fire and brimstone rained down by a righteous and holy God in judgement for the wickedness there. No way around it.

    That is not putting my own spin on what the Bible says. When people start liquidating people (Nazis)and politicians try to prevent them from living a life with discrimination and bullying that is the misapplication of Scripture.

    It is like sharing the Gospel of Jesus. I am not commanded to save anyone nor am I commanded to kill anyone who rejects Jesus Christ. Men are agents of will and God will deal with them on the basis of their choices in His own and perfect way and His dealings will be just and fair.

    As a teacher I have to teach and prepare all my students for college or the work force. I have homosexuals and they have talked tome about it. Since I am an ordained minister no one is privy to those conversations. And they feel comfortable being in my class and talking to me playing chess with me at lunch and hanging around my room. They know full well my beliefs and I don’t try to change them. I accept them for who they are.

    I mentor kids, not malign them.

    Don’t lump all of us into hate-mongering groups. I get ripped for not shunning struggling students with records and atheists and all the “non-beautiful” people.

    I really am miffed and Sanford needs to stop and get down to important things like school budgeting and such.

  3. Frankly, I could care less if someone is somewhere in the LGBT community. It is none of my business and is none of the business of anyone else.
    Christianity is going down the tubes here in the United States and that is happening for a good reason.
    Christians try to make everything their business. Rather than try to understand other people, they simply refuse to use their brains for anything other than a space filler to keep their ears apart.
    As a straight person I know that my sexual orientation “just happened.” I didn’t make a big deal about it, all of a sudden the boys who previously had cooties all over them suddenly looked, well cute!
    Our brains control everything we do and are. Sexual orientation is formed while we’re still gestating. Sometimes something happens in the area of the brain responsible for sexuality that causes people to like others of their same sex. It “just happens.”
    Ask yourself this question: When did YOU decide to be what you are? Did you MAKE that decision or did it “just happen?”
    Some people even want gays to be executed! Why? They’re not bothering you, they’re not controlling your life, so what’s the big deal.
    My religion tells me to love my neighbor as I would want to be loved. Too many people who hold “deeply held religious beliefs” think that they have the right to decide who is good and who should be erased from the face of the earth. I despise those people with every cell of my body.
    What Christians, in particular, love to do is to think that language that is two to three thousand years ago has never changed.
    Take the word “abomination.”It simply means, in the original Hebrew, that “this is something we do not do.”
    To whom was that addressed? Certainly not Christians, they didn’t exist for a thousand years.
    God was talking to the nascent nation of Israel. They were given various laws. All they had known was what the Egyptians did and what the people in Canaan were doing.
    God said, “This is what we do not do.” Among those no-nos was eating fish that did not have scales and fins. That excluded shell fish. The word abomination told the Israelis that it was something we do not do. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, men were told that they could not cut the side locks–the hair that grows from the back of the ears. Among the things that “we do not do” is to have temple prostitutes, especially men who performed homosexual acts even though they were, in fact, heterosexual.
    Words change meanings all the time. Anon, what does that mean? It means “soon.” But it isn’t even used in modern English.
    Many other words that were in vogue when the KJV was written include forsooth, thee, thou, conversation, cousin, bewitchment, and too many more to list here.
    So, Dear Christians, you do not have a leg to stand on when you decide that abomination means the same as it did 400 years ago.
    The more science advances, Christianity decreases, it is a matter of ether accepting FACTS over prejudice.
    So take your hatred for others and swallow it, you have no rights to hate anyone except your own behavior.