TFN’s Kathy Miller Talks about Texas SBOE Elections on Houston’s KPFT

TFN President Kathy Miller will be on Houston radio station KPFT (90.5 FM) at 6 a.m. Thursday (October 18) to talk about this year’s important State Board of Education elections in Texas. If you don’t live in station’s broadcast area, you can catch the livestream of the program, Thresholds, online here. Or you can listen later to the archived show here.

2 thoughts on “TFN’s Kathy Miller Talks about Texas SBOE Elections on Houston’s KPFT

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    It is a very serious wingnut Christian blog run by a bunch of fundie people who have enough puffed up personal religious pride and arrogance to sink an aircraft carrier. These people, if they lived in Texas, would be shoe-ins to take over where Don McLeroy left off on the Texas SBOE.

    Normally, I would not send you there. However, they are right now in the process of torturing a very nice, kind, and gentle liberal Christian man by the name of Dan Trabue who is making the mistake of trying to reason with them in a gentle, kind, and loving manner. Dan is a good, kind, sensible, loving soul who really does love Jesus in the right kind of way—probably someone most of you would enjoy spending some time with if you could meet him face-to-face. I would really appreciate it if about 100 of you would go over there, stand beside Dan for a bit in unison, and give his detractors piece of your mind. Thanks!!!

  2. I was hoping the SBOE fundies could send me a link to an example of a talking snake fossil. If they don’t have one of those, do they have any links to fossil examples of Pre Cambrian bunny rabbits? This is important scientifically of course in Texas
    so the sooner we can have this data, the sooner we can propose to have these pictures put in high school biology tetxbooks alongside pictures of the Loch Ness Monster.
    Thanks in advance. Will