TFN President Responds to Pro-Voucher Propaganda Event

TFN President Responds to Pro-Voucher Propaganda Event

Voucher Scheme Would Threaten Progress Made by Public Schools

February 7, 2007

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller responded today to a rally sponsored by lobby groups promoting private school vouchers at the Capitol in Austin.

“Parents of our state’s millions of public school students couldn’t afford to come to Austin today to insist that tax dollars stay in public schools. But they sent a clear message at the polls last year that they don’t want private school vouchers.

James Leininger can twist arms at the Capitol and shower millions of dollars on chosen candidates and slick PR campaigns. But he can’t change the reality that voucher schemes are expensive, ineffective and give public education dollars to private schools that are unaccountable to taxpayers.

Now Dr. Leininger says lawmakers must pass a tax-funded voucher scheme or students using his privately funded vouchers in San Antonio will be thrown out in to the streets. Private schools might do that, but public schools won’t. Our public schools are there to educate all Texas schoolchildren, not just the handful who can get a voucher.

Last year legislators promised families that they would provide more funds for our public schools, raise the bar on accountability and promote educational excellence. Passing any voucher scheme now would erase those promises and erode the progress our public schools have made over the past two decades.”


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