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Candidates Responding to Questionnaire Indicate Near Unanimous Opposition to Teaching Creationist Arguments Alongside Evolution

October 1, 2012

The Texas Freedom Network is endorsing 11 candidates in the November elections to the State Board of Education, the panel that will be at the center of potentially controversial adoptions of science and social studies textbooks over the next two years.

“These candidates understand that Texas must get the culture wars and politics out of our children’s textbooks and classrooms,” TFN President Kathy Miller said. “We believe they will work to ensure that that Texas schools are focused on giving students an education that prepares them to succeed in college and the jobs of the future.”

All endorsed candidates indicated on a questionnaire that they agree with TFN on important education issues, have not otherwise demonstrated opposition to those positions and sought TFN’s endorsement. (Candidate answers to questions and a full list of all SBOE candidates are available in the TFN Education Fund’s 2012 SBOE Voter Guide at

Miller said she was encouraged to see that nearly all of the Democrats, Republicans and Libertarian candidates who responded to the questionnaire – 18 out of 19 candidates – indicated their opposition to teaching creationism/“intelligent design” alongside evolution in science classrooms. For years, social conservatives on the state board have insisted that science classrooms should teach creationism-based arguments against evolution. That issue will be a key part of the state board’s consideration of proposed new science textbooks in 2013.

“It’s encouraging to see candidates from all political parties rejecting the notion that Texas should dumb down what students learn in their science classrooms,” Miller said. “Teaching our students sound science and preparing them to succeed in the 21st century shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

The Texas Freedom Network endorses the following candidates in State Board of Education races this November. (The list of endorsements is also available at

District 1: Martha M. Dominguez
District 2: Ruben Cortez Jr.
District 3: Marisa B. Perez
District 4: Lawrence Allen
District 5: Rebecca Bell-Metereau
District 6: Traci Jensen
District 8: Dexter Smith
District 10: Judy Jennings
District 12: Lois Parrott
District 13: Mavis B. Knight
District 15: Steven Schafersman

Because of redistricting last year, all 15 state board seats are up for election in 2012. Among its other responsibilities, the state board approves curriculum standards and adopts textbooks and other instructional materials for Texas public schools.


The Texas Freedom Network is a nonpartisan, grassroots organizations of religious and community leaders who support religious freedom, individual liberties and strong public schools.

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