Texas Sends Message to Women: No Respect and No Tampons

by Dan Quinn

As the Texas Senate prepared to pass legislation today that would put severe limits on women’s ability to make their own decisions about their reproductive health, Department of Public Safety troopers also took something else from them: their tampons.

News that DPS troopers were confiscating feminine hygiene products from women wanting to watch the abortion debate from the Senate gallery spread throughout the blogosphere and Twitterverse. From the Austin-based Burnt Orange Report blog:

Women are being forced to throw out tampons and maxi pads to enter the Senate gallery, which has been confirmed by DPS.

That’s right: menstruating women are being denied entry to the Senate gallery unless they throw out their supplies.

Additionally, diabetics are asked to throw out their sugar packets.

However, people with concealed handgun licenses are allowed to bypass long lines to enter the Capitol itself through the expedited CHL entrance, and per a DPS officer, if a person has a CHL, they can take their gun into the gallery.

Guns yes, tampons no.


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