Texas SBOE vs. Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta doesn’t have a lot of fans at the Texas State Board of Education. In January the co-founder of United Farm Workers of America was stripped from a Grade 3 list of “historical and contemporary figures who have exemplified good citizenship.”

Earlier today, the board again clashed over the inclusion of Huerta, with social conservatives trotting out a series of attacks against her: she is a socialist…she doesn’t embody American values…her “negative” comments make people uncomfortable. Most bizarrely, David Bradley said she doesn’t deserve inclusion because she isn’t dead yet!

In the end, Huerta failed to meet the board’s standards for good citizenship. Watch for yourself:


9 thoughts on “Texas SBOE vs. Dolores Huerta

  1. Undeniably, Huerta was a significant figure in the farm workers labor union movement. However, she was and is a major member of political groups in the US that teach socialst, Maxist and communist ideology. Don’t believe me, go read about the history of the democratic socialists of America. I am upset that she is given so much attention in later curriculum (more than she would have recieved in the 3rd grade). Our country was founded by those seeking liberty and desired a constitutional republican govrnment with deocratic representation.

  2. “…with deocratic representation” ??

    Was that a freudian slip, TiT? Did you really mean to write “deocratic” or “theocratic”? Although “deocratic” works too; from the Latin ‘Deo’ (‘God’).

  3. Also, i before e except after c.
    You know who else might qualify as a socialist? Woody Guthrie. My hero.
    This Land is your Land,
    Pastures of Plenty,
    Not every socialist is a marxist.
    Marx is dead. Marxism is dead, except as a matter for historical study.
    The few “communists” left out there for the most part want to play “revolutionary” the way right wing militia guys want to go out in the woods and play “army”.
    As for myself…
    Viva Zapata!!!!
    The real activists for social justice out there are more interested in finding strategies that work rather than posture and role-play.

  4. They came to America, in the first instance, to seek religious freedom. This means that the wanted freedom to establish their beliefs and practices and force everyone else to abide by their rulings. They came to America only to steal the land and resources from from Native America and then kill them…yes, religious genocide.. They came to America and demanded, the Pilgrims, for example, that everyone pay taxes to support their religious practices and that their preachers receive pay from the public funds. Christianity stayed in America to justify slavery by referring to the Bible, and in the name of the Lord, they dismembered persons, distant cultures, their history, their traditions…cultural genocide. They came to America the preach their insolent and nauseating world view…that we are all sinners [John Calvin and Predestination] and therefore we must pay lest we go to hell. They came to America to rob the freedoms mandated by Our Constitution, specially our Bill of Rights, and more specifically the First Amendment. To conclude, although there is more, I would rather be a Socialist o Marxist or anything else except a “believer”. It is my right, guaranteed by the most outstanding Political Instrument of Human History – Our Constitution- to speak what I wish to speak and accept or reject Churches. In regards to churches, I choose to reject.