Texas SBOE Candidate Defends Anti-Gay Views

by Dan Quinn

We got an email today from Texas State Board of Education candidate David Williams, a San Antonio Republican whose controversial Facebook post we reported about last week. We wrote that Williams had posted on the Facebook page of the Family Research Council — a group whose anti-gay rhetoric is so incendiary that the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified it as a hate group — that he was proud the student council at his son’s school rejected a request to form a club (apparently a Gay-Straight Alliance) supporting gay students. Williams defended his post in his email to TFN today:

Hello, I was alerted to a post on your site commenting that I was anti-gay and wanted to make sure the complete story is made available to your constituents. The GSA was voted down by students in order to be fair to ex-gays that found change is possible. Students were presented the several scientific views on the origins of same sex attraction and did not think a GSA to support one view only was needed. I pray you enjoy(ed) a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Williams then provided a link to an article on the website of a group that claims gay people can change their sexual orientation. The article quotes Williams:

“To make a long story short, after hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, prayers — [and] actually getting some ex-gay literature through churches into the hands of students at the school … it was voted down by the students. We have to praise the Lord for that.”

The article also notes that Williams “has developed a ten-step plan to deal with homosexual activism in schools.”

Williams is seeking the State Board of Education District 3 seat currently held by Michael Soto, D-San Antonio. Soto also has an opponent, Marisa Perez, in the Democratic primary.



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