The Texas Hate Group Behind Dan Patrick’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Keeps Up Its Attacks on LGBT People

Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick fellow lawmakers continue to claim that the Texas “bathroom bill” isn’t about attacking and discriminating against transgender people. But the hate group that has played a leading role in trying to pass this cruel, discriminatory bill has made the real agenda behind it very clear — attacking the very existence of transgender people and, more broadly, the LGBT community. Check out this week’s hate screed from Steve Hotze, the head of Conservative Republicans of Texas, headlined: “There Is No Such Thing as Transgender.”


“Men who claim to be women and want to be able to enter women’s and girls’ bathrooms, showers and locker rooms are participating in disgraceful, shameful conduct. They need to be told, ‘Stop it!’ These individuals should be ostracized.”

“When [the ‘bathroom bill’] passes, the Texas economy will prosper. There will be tens of thousands of families across America who will move to Texas because our state government has stood up for women’s and girls’ privacy, and not caved in to the homosexual political movement which is determined to create moral and sexual anarchy in our society.

The homosexual political movement, comprised of individuals who practice and promote deviant and perverted sexual activity, want to use the power of law to force you, churches, schools, business, and civil governments to accept, affirm and celebrate those who practice and promote homosexuality and other debauched sexual activities.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘transgender.’ There is no such thing as ‘trans-Species’ or ‘trans-Racial.’ ‘Transgender’ is a made-up term. The people that promote this type of thinking are promoting wickedness.”

“There are, though, perverted men and boys, who claim to be women. They live in a sexual fantasy world and they want right minded, God fearing people to believe their fantasy too. Just because a man thinks or feels that he is a woman, does not make him one, any more than if he thought that he was a dog, and barked and chased squirrels with the best of them, would make him a dog.”

Let’s be clear: the “bathroom bill” — which is set for a vote in the Texas Senate today — isn’t about protecting women and children. It’s about attacking transgender people and forcing them out of public society by barring them from something as simple and necessary as using public restrooms. And Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick have aligned themselves with a hate group to pass it.