Tell Senators: Vote ‘No’ on Discriminatory Anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’


The discriminatory “bathroom bill” championed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is moving swiftly, and faces a vote by the full Texas Senate soon.

Please contact your state senator and tell them that you want a state that respects the right and dignity of ALL Texans, including our LGBTQ neighbors.

Call your senator today and tell them to vote “No” on Senate Bill 3!

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When you call, tell them you oppose SB 3 because:

  • SB 3 is simply about discrimination, singling out transgender people — including students in our public schools — for harm in communities all across Texas.
  • It’s absurd to turn officials at schools and public agencies into potty police.
  • This is a bill in search of a problem. Entering a public restroom to harm someone is already a crime.
  • If this bill passes, transgender Texans would face the impossible choice of breaking the law or putting themselves at risk by using a restroom that clearly doesn’t accord with their appearance and gender identity.
  • This bill is similar to North Carolina’s job-killing law that enforces discrimination against LGBT people.