Texas GOPer’s Rant Against ‘Homosexual Marriages’

We bet Steven Hotze, president of Conservative Republicans of Texas, nearly burst a blood vessel last week while writing his email rant attacking the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

The long screed to his email list calls on readers to contact Texas legislators in support of HB 4105 by state Rep. Cecil Bell, R-Magnolia. (It also asks for money — “to protect Biblical marriage,” of course.) HB 4105 would bar the use of state or local funds to license or otherwise recognize the marriage of a same-sex couple. The law also bars state and local employees from granting or recognizing such a license.

Hotze — like Rep. Bell — insists the law is needed in case the Supreme Court strikes down the Texas ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional. HB 4105 and other bills that promote and even require discrimination against LGBT Texans and their families would lead to months and maybe years of litigation if the Supreme Court strikes down the marriage ban. That would impose great harm, financial and otherwise, on loving families simply trying to exercise their constitutionally protected rights.

Some excerpts from Hotze’s rant:

This law will enable Attorney General Ken Paxton to safeguard Texas against the potential upcoming judicial supremacy by the U.S. Supreme Court. The passage of HB 4105 now will enable Texas to defend against the potential of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, imposing homosexual marriage on Texas beginning the last week in June….

HB 4105 is a simple, two-page bill that affirms our existing Marriage Amendment in the Texas Constitution and also would defund any future homosexual marriages, which would be ‘mirages,’ because the concept is false. It’s a counterfeit. It’s a lie. This law will enable Attorney General Ken Paxton to safeguard Texas against the potential assertion of federal judicial supremacy over the marriage issue by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The passage of HB 4105 now will enable Texas to defend against a potential U.S. Supreme Court order, imposing homosexual ‘mirage’ on Texas.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

Let’s be bold and valiant, strong and courageous.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing!

Christians, rise up and defend our State Sovereignty and Biblical marriage!

Through God’s power, I am confident that we shall be victorious.

Hotze and other opponents of equality clearly are trying to make Texas the last bastion of discrimination in this country. But enough is enough. Click here to send a message directly to Gov. Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton and House Speaker Joe Straus that tells them: Texas should join the rest of the nation in embracing equality under law for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Texas GOPer’s Rant Against ‘Homosexual Marriages’

  1. Steven Hotze, what do you fear should the Supreme Court “impose” same-sex marriage on Texas? Are you afraid gay couples will scoop up all the marriage licenses in TX city halls leaving none for heterosexual couples to use? Are you afraid happy, loving families headed by a pair of same-sex people will provide too good a role model for young Texans discovering their sexuality? Are you afraid that as soon as “gay mirage” is legal, you would uncontrollably propose to that way cute guy in your accounting department — and he turns you down? What ARE you afraid of, sir? And what about the Biblical strictures on the sinfulness of divorce? Surely you know some divorced people — go get ’em, Stevie!

  2. Discrimination of any kind is an abomination. My God says love your neighbor, even if they are strangers or they don’t do what YOU want.

    Anyone who has read my statements in the past you know I do not pull my punches, today is not going to be different.

    There is ONE LAW for each and every state. I find it fascinating that ONLY funny-mental Christians are so filled with hate that they want to override the Constitution to fit their hatred of others, particularly members of the LGBT community. They want to control what that group of human beings (yes, they ARE human beings and deserve the respect that humans have.)

    Since the Constitution prohibits what the “religious” people want, I suggest that they get the hell out of this country and find out that you can like. Perhaps Liberia, Egypt, Jordan… Doggone it, there is a problem with all of those countries, they hate Christians and destroy their churches and with ISIS, they also line up Christians and murder them.

    Maybe some of the African countries? Just tone down your “deeply felt religious beliefs.”

    Whatever you do, GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY. I have my own religion and believe in God but I want to stay were I belong: The United States of America. Your bigotry and hatred is ant-American.

  3. Hi Beverly. What is really going on here is that the Christian funny-mentalists of the 1980s promised their people in the pews that they were going to take over American government at all levels and impose their brand of faith on ALL of the American people. The thing they forgot is that no group comprising only 10 percent of the American people has the power to impose their will on the other 90 percent of ordinary people and disagreeing Christians. They may have talked loud, hired PR firms, and created parachurch organizations, but everyone has now learned that their bark is louder than their power to bite—and God has chosen not to intervene on their behalf and lend his support to their mean-spirited, two-bit militancy.

    Their leaders lied to them and misled them. Where they essentially had no opposition before, a very powerful opposition force consisting of TFN and people like you and me (along with the mainline Christian churches)and a number of nonbelievers all over the nation combined forces and shouted out with a voice as loud as theirs and pointed out the fact that the “moral majority” is neither moral nor a majority. The Christian funny-mental chicken then started coming down with the palsy and is finally coming home to roost, they know it, and they are angry about it—just like a child gets angry when mommie tells him he cannot have that candy bar because it’s almost dinner time.

    Taking a cue from Judge Jones in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover case in Pennsylvania, the U.S. Supreme Court may intentionally write their decision in language that will prenullify any attempt to pass state and local laws designed to undermine access to gay marriage.

    I hope they do so Christian funny-mentalists will have no recourse left except violence, which will prove to the American people that they are not the children of Jesus and that their hearts and minds are indeed just like those of the Taliban—which is the mindset of all fundamentalists in all world religions at their very base. These are NOT nice people.

  4. Just wait until Obama is forced to send the national guard as escort for the first gay couple getting married in a Texas court house. It will be better than Jade Helm!

  5. Right-wing religious leaders have brainwashed their “flocks” (of sheeple) into thinking that their supreme being is so impotent and weak that he can’t do his own work. If their god is as powerful as they claim (able to create everything and determine the outcome of sporting events and elections), isn’t he able to handle homosexuality without help from misled believers? Could it be that their god doesn’t need or want help because he approves of his LGBTQ “children?” I understand that the sheeple will never think along these lines. They just fall for whatever their self-interested pastors tell them.