Texas Ed Agency Opens Public Review Period for Science Standards

The battle between creationists and supporters of sound science in Texas public schools has moved to another important stage. Texas Education Agency has formally opened the public review period for the state’s proposed science curriculum standards. Click here to learn more on submitting your comments about the standards proposed by work groups made of teachers and academic experts. Once the State Board of Education adopts the final standards (an action currently set for March 2009), publishers will use those standards to craft new science textbooks for schools in Texas and other states across the country.

First the good news: the standards proposed by the work groups drop language requiring that public schools teach students phony “weaknesses” of evolution. They also include language making clear that supernatural explanations (such as creationism/”intelligent design”) have no place in a science classroom. You can read more about the proposed standards here.

Now the bad news: creationists who control the state board have already said they oppose the work groups’ proposed standards on evolution. The board’s creationist chairman demands that teachers water down instruction on evolution by teaching so-called “weaknesses” and says science should be redefined to include supernatural explanations. Far-right groups agree, attacking the proposed standards as the product of “educrats.”

Now the general public gets a say by. Once again, click here to learn about submitting your comments about the proposed standards. The state board will also hear public testimony on the standards in November. Stay tuned here for more information on testifying.

One thought on “Texas Ed Agency Opens Public Review Period for Science Standards

  1. Urge THE STATE BOARD to adopt the standards proposed by the work group as presented. Creationism should be taught by parents and churches, but not in the schools for the children of many faiths who attend our public schools.