Texas Policy Adviser for Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity: Islam Is a Pile of Excrement

Following the terrorist attack by Islamist extremists targeting Christians in Lahore, Pakistan, on Easter Sunday, we’re seeing the usual attempts to make sweeping judgments of all Muslims. For example, Peggy Venable — Texas policy director and senior states policy advisor for Americans for Prosperity, a right-wing public policy group founded and funded by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch — retweeted this vicious post attacking Islam:


Never mind, of course, that the murderers in Lahore don’t represent the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.

The terrorist attacks on Christians and other non-Muslims in Lahore and elsewhere are evil and repulsive. But so is promoting hatred of an entire religion because of the actions of extremists. In fact, most victims of terrorist attacks linked to extremist groups like the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS have been — by far — Muslims.

We’ll also note that the post Venable retweeted comes from @PhxKen, who apparently sees all Muslims as “the enemy”: