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When someone asks you, “Did the rape guy win?” and you have to ask which one,
that’s a bad sign.

The above quote is from TFN founder and current Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards, and it comes from a Q&A Cecile did with the New York Times titled “What Cecile Richards Has Learned From Todd Akin“.

We’re flagging this because the quote is featured as today’s Quote of the Day in TFN News Clips (subscribe here) and because it gives us an opportunity to share an amusing anecdote re: former congressman and one-time U.S. Senate candidate from Missouri Todd Akin.

A few days after Akin made his now-infamous comments about rape in the midst of the Senate race he would eventually lose, we received a call from a reporter in Missouri. The reporter was looking into Akin’s contributors and in doing so came across something called the Texas Freedom Fund. A few Google searches later he had found the Texas Freedom Network and, like any reporter should do, he picked up the phone to ask if the Texas Freedom Fund was perhaps TFN’s political action committee or if we were related in any other way.

Me: “We were founded by Cecile Richards.”

(silence) (laughter on both ends)

Reporter: “So you probably wouldn’t be funding Todd Akin.”

Me: “No.”

(witty banter is exchanged) (end of phone call)

Needless to say, our only similarity to the Texas Freedom Fund is that the first two words in our names are coincidentally the same. Our differences, given that the Fund contributed money to someone like Akin, are on the other hand likely numerous and substantial.