Talking Points

From today’s TFN News Clips:

“Do you think the Catholic Diocese of Austin promotes a Muslim agenda?”

— Texas State Board of Education member Thomas Ralitff, R-Mount Pleasant, noting that CSCOPE, a curriculum program criticized by far-right activists as supposedly anti-Christian and pro-Mulsim, is used in hundreds of public school districts as well as schools operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin.

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6 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. It is important for the people of Texas to realize that both Texas and the United States of America are God’s chosen people in this day and time. All of our students in Texas schools must be taught that America is right in all that she does and that she can do no wrong. The purpose of our schools is not just to educate our students in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our other primary purpose is to build a generation of patriots thoroughly schooled in the knowledge that our nation is right in all that she does. These students will go on to future leadership positions in our nation, and we wish to impress upon them the fact that they have a deep and abiding responsibility to inform all other nations that we shall be their leader and that they have a God-mandated obligation to follow our leadership without question and accomodate their ignorant, Godless, backward cultures to our demands—particularly the shameful and hollow culture of Islam and its false prophet—otherwise known as Satan himself.

    “Weez ones is jist thoughts that someone oughta say it. Weez got a man what uses purdy werds to say it fur us.”

    1. It’s always remarkable how the US is the God-appointed infallible leader of the world while at the same time the central/federal government is totally wicked, tyrannical and satanic by definition. 😉