Talking Points

From today’s TFN News Clips:

“Forcing our schools to instruct children on how to utilize contraceptives encourages our children to engage in sexual behavior, whether as a victim or an offender. It is akin to teaching children about alcohol use, then instructing them on how to make mixed alcoholic drinks.”

— Juneau County (Wisconsin) District Attorney Scott Southworth, in a letter to local schools threatening criminal charges against teachers following new sex education programs telling students how to use condoms and other contraceptives. One of the writers of the law called Southworth’s letter laughable.

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3 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. Unfortunately, the facts get in the way of his opinion.
    Teaching sex education does not increase the frequency of sexual intercourse among kids, or std’s or unplanned pregnancies.
    Abstinence only education has failed miserably.

  2. If Man was made in the image of his Creator, the onset of puberty is clearly heaven sent. Who dares to mess with the Creator is a creationist.

  3. That was one of the best laughs I’ve had all month and it is only a few days old! It’s funnier than the comic who said that he was a bit unexperienced as a farmer…he bought himself a herd of black angus pigs.