5 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. Oh man, the comments at that Fox News site are downright scary. There are a lot of ignorant people spewing talking points directly attributable to Fox News anchors. Unbelievable. Signs like that make the McLeroy loss a much bigger deal.

  2. I’d ask him if he was bragging or complaining. The goal of education is not to “grab minds” but to teach children to think! Of course, these evil people don’t want children to think for themselves. Their goal is indoctrination, not education.

  3. The problem with hooey is that it doesn’t stick. Eventually it starts peeling off, and you either have to paste it back up with exponentially more hooey, or the edifice becomes bare, exposed to the unforgiving winds of raw truth.

  4. Ah, the famous Fox “some say” cited as a source for their constant sham about the nonexistant War on Christmas, etc. And a fewvery poorly reasoned bashes of liberals. OUTFOXED is still a great DVD indicting their tactics and last month I showed it two guests in my home from Mississippi and really open their FOX-watching eyes. They were appalled. Of course, I suggested we view it after they had shared with me their tribulations getting health insurance… there is hope if you talk to people one at a time. They simply been lied to by FOX. The trick is to keep it not personal to them, talk about how FOX lies to every one else, it appalling, etc., and they will come to their own conclusions -BIG TIME! Americans are a good people and we can help those that FOX has lied to.