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From today’s TFN News Clips:

“We promote respect for God and all His creations; family unity; limited government; private property; free enterprise and the rule of righteous law.”

— The Do Right Foundation’s mission statement. The foundation has financially supported a number of white supremacist groups and familiar far-right organizations such as the American Family Association and Discovery Institute.

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5 thoughts on “Talking Points

  1. For those who miss Charles’ reference, I believe Nell Fenwick was Dudley Doright’s girlfriend in the 60’s cartoon series.

    But seriously, I wonder if the nameless TFN-somebody who writes these things is really applying the term “white supremacist” properly. How about some representative names of organizations so I can check them out?

  2. Charles: OK, I checked them out.

    The first ( is very anti-semetic. Its run by a Mark Weber, who I gather doesn’t in any way deny the Holocaust but thinks aspects of the standard account are fictional and used by Israel to justify all kinds of oppression of the Palestinians.

    The second ( is definitely racially-related. I can’t tell if its white supremacist or not because the site is too limited, but its clearly anti-black and -hispanic.

    The third is just a repeat of the URL you gave for the second!

    The fourth ( is clearly pro-caucasian, but I don’t see it as white supremacist, more like a group that wants to guard against over-zealous political correctness and liberal philosohies in general. Their statement:

    The Council of Conservative Citizens is an organization devoted to the civil rights of White People, and defends our God-Given Freedom and Heritage. We see our purpose as opposing the dominant ideologies of the age, such as communism, socialism, feminism (the Ladies Auxiliary of Marxism,) and multiracialism.

    But the original pint of the TFN post was that the Do Right Foundation was a hate -supporting entity, apparently one guy, quoted below: (from the TFN link above)

    Reached by phone at his home, McCrink, 60, told the Intelligence Report that he has soured on the Institute for Historical Review and the New Century Foundation, which publishes the racist American Renaissance magazine. “I don’t support them much anymore,” he said. “They no longer fit into the Do Right Foundation’s plan.” When told that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists them both as hate groups — the Institute for Historical Review for its Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism and New Century Foundation for its racism — McCrink said, “I came to the same conclusion. Some of the things they do I don’t think it best for the Do Right Foundation to support.”

    Note that he has withdrawn support from two of the groups you mentioned above, apparently for the same reasons you and I question their goals.

    But now I am wondering what this has to do with Texas politics?

  3. Silas: The Council of Concerned Citizens is the successor organization to the White Citizen’s Councils — which portrayed itself as the ‘respectable’ pro-segregation group during the Civil Rights struggle, contrasting itself to the Klan not in its opposition to any lessening of the ‘barriers between the races’ — which it concurred in — but in the quality of its membership and its refusal to wear hoods and directly engage in violence.

    I am glad he has refused to continue to support the leading Holocaust denial group in the world — the IHR — and the NCF for publishing the neo-Nazi American Renaissance — well, he doesn’t support them much anymore. (I might not even think he’s cutting support because of the publicity he’s getting.)

    But the fact that he supported them to begin with might question his intelligence, if we assume his intentions were good.