Take Care of Each Other

Dear Friends:

First, a word to our LGBTQ friends. Our Muslim friends. The women and girls of this state. Young Texans and people of color. Our immigrant friends. To all of our friends who awoke this morning feeling unsafe or unwelcome in their own country:

The Texas Freedom Network is with you this day and all the days to come. And our resolve to see every Texan’s religious and civil liberties safeguarded and their humanity respected remains unshaken.

We go back to work today with a keen sense of how important this mission is, especially to you.

But I also want to say a word to every TFN member and supporter, whoever you are. Today, I take comfort in knowing that TFN is first and foremost a NETWORK — diverse people united in a common goal and shared values:

  • Religious freedom for all.
  • Civil liberties for all.
  • Strong public schools for all.

I call on you to renew yourselves to that calling today. Join us. Together, we move forward.

In hope,

Kathy Miller
TFN President