Texas Freedom Network and Texas Rising Activists were at the state Capitol today to fight back against one of the worst voter suppression bills in the country. Check out our press release:…… Read More

The Texas Senate gave preliminary approval today to SB9, a voter suppression bill designed to keep turnout low in Texas. We just sent out the following press release. Read More

Texas Rising leaders and activists rallied today at the Capitol and put lawmakers on notice that a new generation is becoming an electoral force in this state -- and they're not going to put up with efforts to make it harder for them to vote. Check out the press release:…… Read More

From the department of NWHIA: Now We’ve Heard It All

Republicans on the Dallas County Commissioners Court are criticizing county election officials for helping the League of Women Voters and other nonpartisan organizations register eligible high school students to vote yesterday. From the Dallas Morning News:

The county elections department put the League of Women Voters in contact with about 60 Dallas-area high schools where the group held registration drives Tuesday. The county also publicized the locations.

Republican Commissioner Mike Cantrell said Tuesday the elections office undermined its nonpartisan reputation by promoting an event [National Voter Registration Day] whose national partners include several liberal-leaning groups. They also said high school students overwhelmingly vote Democratic.

“We can hide and disguise all kinds of stuff,” said Cantrell. “Everybody knows what’s going on here.”

Ah. We see the real problem here. Cantrell is upset because he thinks young voters won’t support his political party.

One would think that registering people to vote and getting them to the polls would be a good thing in a democratic society. And that would be especially true when it comes to encouraging young people to take personal responsibility for choosing their nation’s elected leaders. But… Read More