We accomplished a lot over the last few months. We’ve expanded the Texas electorate, we’ve started thousands of Texans down the path of becoming lifelong voters, and we’ve built new leaders that are from the communities they’re serving. Those victories cannot be ignored. Throughout this election cycle, the Texas Rising campaign trained 180 young and […]

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Make your voting plans TODAY so you're ready to go TOMORROW.

Ask yourself these questions today so you’ve got a plan to vote tomorrow. And share this with friends who might need help if it’s their first time voting. Do I know where my (not my friends’) polling place is? Here’s where to find out: https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/voterws/viw/faces/SearchSelectionPolling.jsp Have I given myself enough time to vote? – If I’m […]

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Can't make it to the polls? Vote by mail before Oct. 24.

You don’t have to vote in person. If you’re either a) disabled or b) will be out of the county during early voting dates (Oct. 20-31) and on election day (Nov. 4), then voting by mail is a great opportunity to still exercise your voting power. To do so, first click here to download the Application for Ballot by Mail (ABBM) form. […]

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Voter ID Is Not about Preserving Democracy

By Katie Adams TFN Student Activist During the decade that Greg Abbott has been Texas’ attorney general, he has encountered a grand total of two cases of voter impersonation. In 2011, in a heroic effort to curb this odious problem of rampant voter fraud, the Texas Legislature passed a bill requiring all Texans to show […]

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Irate Texan Seeks Unbiased Textbook

By James Carneiro (writer bio) TFN Student Activist Dozens of Texans descended on the William B. Travis building last month to let the Texas State Board of Education know their feelings. The consensus: not positive. The vast majority was opposed to the flawed social studies curriculum standards first approved by the board in 2010. Although […]

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