Make your voting plans TODAY so you're ready to go TOMORROW.

Ask yourself these questions today so you’ve got a plan to vote tomorrow. And share this with friends who might need help if it’s their first time voting.

  1. Do I know where my (not my friends’) polling place is? Here’s where to find out:
  2. Have I given myself enough time to vote?
    – If I’m planning on voting before work, am I leaving myself enough time if there’s a line to vote?
    – If I’m voting after work, will I get to my polling place before 7PM (considering there will be traffic)?
    – Do I have two hours to vote before or after work? And if not, does my employer know that s/he is legally obligated to give me time to go vote?
  3. Do I have the right ID? Double check here:
  4. Do I know who I’m voting for, and have I written it down? (No smartphones in the voting booth, so bring a cheat-sheet.)