2017 in Quotes: Potluck Nuttery

We’ll close out our annual series of the outrageous and offensive things we heard from the right over the past year with a mix of nutty quotes. […]

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2017 in Quotes: The War on LGBT People

The Supreme Court’s ruling in 2015 that laws barring same-sex marriage were unconstitutional continues to outrage the right. But in truth, the right opposes any effort to promote equality for LGBT people, as you can see in these quotes from 2017. […]

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2017 in Quotes: Race, Slavery and the Civil War

As we continue our review of 2017, let’s look at how the right continued its efforts to revise history and use race to divide the country. By the way, 2018 will see a new battle at the State Board of Education over what Texas public school students should learn about slavery and the Civil War […]

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2017 in Quotes: The Trump Train

It’s time again for our annual review of the outrageous things we heard from the right over the past year. We’ll kick off this year’s series by looking at the religious right’s continued and deeply hypocritical embrace of President Donald Trump. Religious-right leaders talk about the president as if he were something of a savior, ordained […]

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