TV Premiere of 'The Revisioniares' Tonight and Tuesday on PBS

Starting tonight, everyone gets a chance to watch the award-winning documentary “The Revisionaries,” a film by director Scott Thurman that tells the story of the religious right’s culture warriors at the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Freedom Network’s efforts to stop their efforts to undermine instruction on evolution and politicize social studies […]

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TV Premiere of 'The Revisionaries' on PBS Next Monday

Don McLeroy and Cynthia Dunbar are coming to your home. Relax. We don’t mean literally. No, we mean they’ll be there along with TFN in “The Revisionaries.” The critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary that premiered in theaters last year is making its TV premiere Jan. 28, one week from today. And you also have a chance […]

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‘The Revisionaries’ Held Over in Austin

“The Revisionaries,” the award-winning documentary about the textbook wars at the Texas State Board of Education, is getting another week-long run at Austin’s Violet Crown Cinema. If you didn’t get a chance to catch this must-see film last week, make the time to go between now and November 8. “The Revisionaries” is an unprecedented behind-the-scenes […]

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