We asked you last week to help The Revisionaries documentary win the Audience Award from the PBS series Independent Lens — and you came through! On Monday the folks at PBS announced that The Revisionaries, which had been trailing by hundreds of votes early last Friday, captured the award at the end of the day.

The Revsionaries, which aired on Independent Lens earlier this year, examines the ongoing textbook battles at the State Board of Education in Texas. The documentary, which also won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last year, prominently features the Texas Freedom Network and our efforts to fight right-wing textbook censorship.

If you’re interested in hosting a screening of The Revisionaries for your group, we can help. Just contact us at val@tfn.org.

Also, the State Board of Education is about to take up the adoption of new science textbooks for Texas public schools. The main battle there will be over what those textbooks teach students about evolution. Keep an eye on TFN Insider, our Twitter page (@TFN) and our Facebook page (facebook/texasfreedomnetwork) for more on how you can help defend science education… Read More

***Click here to vote for The Revisionaries as the Independent Lens Audience Award winner for 2013.***

Over the past year, the award-winning documentary The Revisionaries has shined a bright light on the politics that surround the bruising textbook battles at the Texas State Board of Education. Starting at the prestigious Tribeca Film festival in New York last year, the film has also introduced the Texas Freedom Network and our fight against right-wing censorship to theater audiences across the country. And earlier this year the PBS show Independent Lens featured The Revisionaries in a national broadcast.

Now The Revisionaries is in the running for the Independent Lens Audience Award. With voting ending today, The Revisionaries is currently in second place. A first-place finish would help bring more attention to TFN’s efforts to get politics and right-wing extremism out of public school classrooms.

So click here to cast your vote for The Revisionaries as the 2013 Independent Lens Audience Award winner. Just click on the star ratings under The Revisionaries entry on that web page to cast your vote — but act now because voting ends today.… Read More

Starting tonight, everyone gets a chance to watch the award-winning documentary “The Revisionaries,” a film by director Scott Thurman that tells the story of the religious right’s culture warriors at the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Freedom Network’s efforts to stop their efforts to undermine instruction on evolution and politicize social studies classrooms. In fact, TFN President Kathy Miller and our work are featured prominently throughout the film.

You have two ways to watch “The Revisionaries.” The first opportunity comes your way when it premieres on PBS’ Independent Lens as a one-hour film. Most PBS stations will air the program tonight (Monday), but some have scheduled it for Tuesday. See below for air times in Texas cities. Many PBS stations will re-air the program again later this week. Check your local listings.

You can also watch the full director’s version — which is closer to 90 minutes — by contacting the Texas Freedom Network. TFN can help you put together a screening of the full film for a group or organization. If you would like to set up a screening of the director’s cut, click here to email TFN Outreach DirectorRead More

Don McLeroy and Cynthia Dunbar are coming to your home.

Relax. We don’t mean literally. No, we mean they’ll be there along with TFN in “The Revisionaries.” The critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary that premiered in theaters last year is making its TV premiere Jan. 28, one week from today. And you also have a chance to help screen the director’s cut of the movie if you organize a group or represent an organization (more on that in a bit).

First, the TV details. “The Revisionaries” will premiere on TV, edited down for length as a one-hour film on PBS’ Independent Lens next Monday. For most people in Texas, the film will air at 9 p.m., but to be on the safe side and to verify on which channel, you should click here to check your local listings.

But if you would rather watch the full version, the director’s cut seen in theaters, TFN can make that happen. Please contact TFN’s outreach director Val Benavidez (val@tfn.org) if you would like to set up a screening of the full film in front of a group or an organization.

This film tells the story of the religious right’s culture… Read More

“The Revisionaries,” the award-winning documentary about the textbook wars at the Texas State Board of Education, is getting another week-long run at Austin’s Violet Crown Cinema. If you didn’t get a chance to catch this must-see film last week, make the time to go between now and November 8.

“The Revisionaries” is an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the State Board of Education, the highly politicized governing body that determines what millions of students learn in Texas public schools. The documentary exposes how 15 board members, led by creationists, abuse their power to approve politicized curriculum standards and textbooks that will be used in the state’s schools for a generation.

The Texas Freedom Network’s efforts to stop the politicizing of our children’s classrooms is featured prominently in the film.

You can find information on show times and ticket prices here.Read More