Sen. Cruz Couldn’t Just Say ‘No’?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had an interesting answer to a question from Dallas Morning News writer Todd Gillman last week: Q. Is [former Sen. Joseph] McCarthy someone you admire? A. I’m not going to engage in the back and forth and the attacks. Several Democrats have demonstrated a willingness to attack me by name. I’m […]

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Joseph McCarthy Rises Again?

The new U.S. Senator from Texas, Republican Ted Cruz, is rapidly building a reputation, although one that few should be proud of. In the short time he’s been in the Senate, Cruz has found himself in a small, hardcore faction of right-wingers on a variety of issues. For example, he cast a “no” vote on […]

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Santorum Endorses Ted Cruz for Texas Senate Seat

Rick Santorum, a favorite of religious-right activists, has endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate seat from Texas. Religious-right leaders meeting at a Texas ranch last January endorsed Santorum in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. Santorum suspended his campaign in April. In addition to his opposition to equal […]

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Bashing Gays for Votes

How quickly they turn on you. Tom Leppert won his 2007 race for Dallas mayor after supporters attacked his main opponent for being gay. Now Leppert is under attack by his opponents in the race for a U.S. Senate seat for “celebrating gay pride” while he served as mayor. On Wednesday Leppert and other Republican […]

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