We just sent out the following press release after Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s patronizing and deeply insulting speech at the National Right to Life conference this morning:


Miller Calls on Governor to Add Passing Comprehensive Sex Ed to Call for the Special Session

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller today reacted with dismay over Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s attacks on Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, for filibustering an anti-abortion bill on Tuesday.

“Instead of arrogantly lecturing Wendy Davis and other women who have had unplanned pregnancies and faced challenges he can’t begin to imagine, Rick Perry should address his failure as governor to deal honestly with the teen pregnancy epidemic in his own state,” Miller said. “He opposes girls and young women learning about birth control in sex ed so they can responsibly protect their health and their future. Just as appalling has been his support for policies that limit women’s access to family planning services.”

Miller noted that throughout Gov. Perry’s tenure, Texas has had one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation. Texas had the nation’s fifth highest teen… Read More

We expected all kinds of crazy when East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert joined David Barton and Rick Green on the latter duo’s WallBuilders Live radio program on Monday. And sure enough, that’s what we got.

The three agreed, for example, that the Southern Poverty Law Center — one of the nation’s leading civil rights organizations — has been “linked to domestic terrorism” (not true, unless by “linked” they mean in the fevered imaginations of right-wing fanatics). But, as our friends at Right Wing Watch report, the crazy really bubbled over when Gohmert started talking about sex education. Gohmert, who clearly doesn’t understand what sex education is, wondered why anyone needs to teach kids how to have sex since “mankind has existed for a pretty long time without anyone ever having to give a sex-ed lesson to anybody.” And then his paranoia gene kicked in, leading him to link the issue of sex education to life in the old Soviet Union:

Let the kids be innocent. Let them dream. Let them play. Let them enjoy their life. You don’t have to force this sexuality stuff into their life at… Read More

Limiting access to birth control. Telling gays and lesbians who they should love and who they can’t. Opposing effective sex education for teens.

Politicians are way too interested in the private sex lives of ordinary Texans. Just who elected them to play Cupid, anyway?

Go to cupidorstupid.org to join a new Texas Freedom Network Education Fund campaign that respects the private and personal decisions of Texans.

With one month to go in the legislative session, there’s still time to put a stop to several bills that fail to show all Texans the respect they deserve. Worse yet, there’s little indication lawmakers will stop interfering when session ends. You see, there’s a well-documented history.

Texas legislators have openly declared war on birth control. Some politicians even want to let employers impose their religious beliefs on workers by denying them insurance coverage for contraception.

Meanwhile, Gov. Perry says gays and lesbians should simply move to another state while he and other politicians attack and demean their relationships. And Texas State Board of Education members think the solution to soaring teen birth rates is to keep young people ignorant about birth control and disease prevention.

Had enough… Read More

On Thursday, the House Public Education Committee voted 7-3 to approve HB 1057 by Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, making it eligible soon for consideration by the full House.

But the version of the bill the committee passed bears almost no resemblance to the bill as originally filed, or its Senate companion (SB 521) that passed out of the Senate Education committee in early March. Supporters of the bills, as well as the lawmakers promoting them, have repeatedly made their intentions clear: first, create an onerous parental “opt-in” requirement for any student who wishes to participate in sex education instruction (thereby ensuring lots of students would be excluded); and second, ban any entities affiliated with an abortion provider (i.e. Planned Parenthood) from providing sex education instruction in Texas schools.

Strangely, both those problematic proposals had disappeared in the committee substitute for HB 1057 that turned up in the Public Education Committee yesterday. And all that was left, after an amendment by Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, was this rather simple addition to Texas’ statute governing sex education:

“(6) [course materials and instruction] may not teach or present information relating… Read More

The Texas Freedom Network will be busy, busy, busy at the Legislature this week. Sex education, religious freedom, LGBT rights, and family planning funding are on legislative calendars. Click on the links in the Take Action box on the right to help our efforts at the Capitol.

Sex Education

The Texas House Committee on Public Education is set to take up House Bill 1057, which could effectively end sex education in many school districts in Texas, the state with the fourth-highest teen birth rate in the nation. HB 1057, by state Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, would add burdensome new bureaucratic requirements on schools districts and undermine the ability for communities to make their own decisions on sex ed materials and instruction. Learn more about what’s wrong with HB 1057 here.

This legislation’s companion bill, Senate Bill 521, has already been heard by a Senate committee, where it became clear during the hearing that some politicians were more interested in dragging schools into a debate over abortion than they were with responsible teen sex education.

Religious Freedom

Three bills relating to religious freedom are scheduled for committee hearings at the Texas… Read More


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