Live Blogging the Science Debate II

BREAKING NEWS: A proposed amendment adding “strengths and weaknesses” of scientific theories back to the science standards has failed on a 7-7 vote. 11:17 – With the defeat of “strengths and weaknesses,” the board is now on to other amendments. Ms. Cargill begins. 11:20 Despite Chairman McLeroy’s repeated prohibition against signs in the hearing room […]

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Live Blogging the Science Debate

Note: A link for audio from the state board debate and vote is available here. 9:17 – The Texas State Board of Education meeting has begun, and we have some encouraging news. Dallas member Mavis Knight, a strong supporter of sound science standards, is participating by videoconference. It appears that Mary Helen Berlanga from Corpus […]

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Live Blogging the TX Science Hearing III

Note: Audio from the state board hearing is available here. 4:53 – Lots of conversations among board members between and during the testimony. We haven’t said much yet about the vote coming tomorrow and Friday. Essentially, we’re where we were in January — it will be very close. Chairman McLeroy and other board creationists have […]

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Live Blogging the TX Science Hearing II

2:00 – We thought you might want to know a bit about the atmosphere here. The Texas Education Agency lobby was packed with science supporters when we arrived this morning. The litigators from anti-evolution Free Market Foundation Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family had already begun a press conference promoting the “strengths and weaknesses” […]

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Live Blogging from the Texas Science Hearing

12:25 – Our press conference ran long, and we were late getting into the hearing. Unfortunately, State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy has rejected a request for a table for us in the board room (as at the last two board meetings). We’re told that’s “too distracting” for board members, although we set up […]

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