Live-Blogging the Texas Social Studies Textbooks Public Hearing

You can watch today’s public hearing at the State Board of Education live online here. 3:50 – The board hearing just ended. Board members will discuss the textbooks tomorrow (Wednesday). We’ll be here. 3:47 – Cargill and other board members keep arguing that nothing can be done about the flawed curriculum standards adopted in 2010. So in their […]

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Live-Blogging the Texas Science Textbook Adoption Hearing

7:45 p.m. – Ok, folks. We’re going to hang in here until they finish, but we don’t expect you to. We’ll skip the live-blog tonight and post a recap tomorrow morning. We’ll watch so you don’t have to. Be safe out there. 5:40 – If this is true, then the science hearing is likely to […]

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Live-Blogging the Texas Science Textbook Hearing (2013)

5:29 – That’s a wrap. We’re calling this hearing a lopsided victory for science. Thanks, everyone. Watch the blog tomorrow for video of former SBOE chair Don McLeroy’s strange and confusing return to the board as a member of the public, and other fall-out from today’s hearing. For pictures from today’s science rally (and virtual […]

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Live-Blogging the SBOE CSCOPE Hearing

We thought it might be useful to report some of the comments we’re hearing today at the State Board of Education’s ad hoc CSCOPE committee meeting. As of Thursday afternoon, 15 people had signed up to testify, but the committee is permitting other folks to sign up to speak today as well. (We should note […]

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Live-Blogging the Final Science Materials Vote

We’re back in the hearing room for the final vote, which is beginning now. 9:24 – The board jumps right in to a discussion of the disputed Holt McDougal product. A TEA spokesperson clarifies that they could find NO documentation to substantiate that multiple review panel members signed-off on the alleged “error” list presented yesterday. […]

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