Over the past two weeks, the world has been marking the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan and the end of World War II. This weekend, the Facebook page for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller took the anniversary a step further and posted an image suggesting that the United States should duplicate the end of World War II by nuking the Muslim world:

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

The Houston Chronicle reports that the post went up on Commissioner Miller’s Facebook page late Sunday afternoon but was then pulled down around 11:15 a.m. today. It was shared from the Facebook page for The Patriots IV Drip 2.

The post includes a photograph of a mushroom cloud, the hashtags #noislamknowpeace and #COMETAKE, with the following text:

“Japan has been at peace with the U.S. since August 9, 1945. It’s time we made peace with the Muslim world”

A spokesperson for Commissioner Miller’s office says a staffer shared the image on the Facebook page and that it does not reflect Miller’s personal views.

But the Chronicle notes that Commissioner Miller has made anti-Muslim remarks in the past:

At a Texas Public Policy Foundation forum in January, Miller said he was… Read More

Efforts to pass legislation addressing the mythical threat of Sharia, or Islamic law, in Texas are gearing up yet again in the current legislative session.

Right-wing state lawmakers have been pushing for years to pass legislation banning Sharia in Texas. Many such bills around the country have been linked to a core group of anti-Muslim fanatics (see here as well) who claim that America is at risk of coming under the control of Muslim extremists and Islamic law. Nevermind that the U.S. Constitution forbids the establishment of religious laws. (And nevermind that many of those fanatics and their supporters often argue that American laws should be based on their own particular Christian beliefs.)

Federal courts have taken a skeptical view of such laws, noting that they single out a particular religion. Indeed, many efforts to pass such laws represent little more than poorly concealed bigotry aimed at Muslim Americans.

So in recent years supporters of anti-Sharia bills have tried to craft laws without actually mentioning Sharia. Instead, their bills bar the application of “foreign,” “international” or “cultural” laws in our courts. And supporters often try to avoid even mentioning Sharia in legislative debates over the bills.

No one is fooled. And legislators’ efforts to… Read More

A candidate seeking a seat in the Texas House of Representatives in the May 27 Republican runoff recently warned listeners on a religious radio program about “the infiltration of our society by Muslims.” The Texas Tribune reported about the comments by Rob Henneke, who finished second in the March primary for the GOP nomination to replace state Rep. Harvey Hildebran, R-Kerrville, in a Hill Country House district:

“I’m very concerned about the infiltration of our society by Muslims right now in Texas,” Henneke told listeners. “I don’t think people are aware about how pervasive that has become in our society.”

He said he would support in the next legislative session the passage of the American Laws for American Courts Act, which would forbid the use of foreign law in the state’s courts.

“We have good, very conservative judges that I don’t think would be open to allowing” Shariah law in Texas, Henneke said in an interview. “But I have seen reports and heard anecdotally situations elsewhere in this country and in Texas where that has been a problem and an issue.”

Our friends at Texas Impact have rightly

A Houston-based group whose executive director has made numerous incendiary statements about his city’s mayor, President Obama and others is hosting a prominent but discredited anti-Muslim hysteric at an event later this month.

The Houston Area Pastor Council (HAPC), which honored Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (who is running for governor this year) with its “Faithful Citizenship Award” at a fundraiser last March, will host Kamal Saleem at a Jan. 30 luncheon at Houston’s First Baptist Church. An email from the HAPC today doesn’t make the topic of Saleem’s discussion clear, but the subject line calls him a “former Muslim Brotherhood member.” The message goes on to describe Saleem as “born to a large Sunni Muslim family in the Middle East,” “recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood,” and who “completed his first mission to Israel at the age of seven.” It goes on:

“Kamal was also recruited by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (The PLO) and other radical Muslim groups. The many years of his radical Islamist training, resulted in Kamal mastering every form of divisive extremist tactics.”

Following injury in an automobile accident, the email says, Saleem “has since become a man on a new mission, as an Ambassador… Read More

With the science textbook adoption mostly behind them, State Board of Education (SBOE) members are turning their attention to next year’s adoption of new social studies textbooks for Texas public schools. And we’re already seeing right-wing activists preparing to turn that adoption into another “culture war” battleground.

Circulating among tea party and other right-wing activists in the state, for example, is an email from a group called “Truth in Texas Textbooks” that asks recipients to volunteer to review the new textbooks. One activist forwarding the email explains that the group is “organizing conservatives to participate” in “reviewing Texas Social Studies textbooks for errors/bias.”

Of course, no one wants errors and bias in textbooks. And all Texans have the right to examine the new textbooks and offer their opinions about the content. But what kind of opinions can we expect from “Truth in Texas Textbooks”?

The groups’s email is signed by a retired Air Force Lt. Col. Roy White in Boerne near San Antonio. White was scheduled to speak on Nov. 14 to the Boerne Tea Party Patriots about the “Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in America.” According to the event announcement the Boerne Tea Party Patriots’ website:

“Currently, the Brotherhood… Read More