Lies from the Religious Right Target Abortion and Equality

Faith leaders teach that lying is a sin. So why do religious-righters distort the truth so shamelessly in pushing their extreme political agenda? You can see at least two big examples in Texas right now. One of the biggest falsehoods religious-right groups are pushing right now is the claim that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to help exterminate the […]

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Faith Leaders Support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

The Texas Freedom Network is helping faith leaders organize in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and its protections against discrimination for all Houstonians. Check out the email that just went out from Fran Watson, Faith Organizer for Houston Unites: Heads up, Houston: we’ve got some work to do. As you’ve likely heard by […]

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Texas Home-School Lobby Group Misleads Parents as It Promotes the Culture Wars

The Texas Home School Coalition is a religious-right front group more interested in promoting a political agenda and fighting the culture wars than in ensuring kids get a good education. An email today from the group’s leader, Tim Lambert, demonstrates that point pretty clearly. The email to the group’s list touts a series of events around the state designed to rally opposition to protecting […]

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Houstonians Will Be Voting FOR the Equal Rights Ordinance in November

Houston Unites, which supports the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance on the November ballot, just sent out the following press release. The Texas Freedom Network is a member of the Houston Unites coalition. The Texas Supreme Court this morning ruled that the majority of Houstonians who support the city’s Equal Rights Ordinance will be casting a […]

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Texas GOPer Calls for Driving Gay People Out of Houston, Treating Them Like the Nazis in World War II

Steve Hotze just pulled out a sword on stage — Christopher Hooks (@cd_hooks) August 14, 2015 The campaign to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) became even more vile Thursday night when one of the anti-HERO campaign leaders insisted that gay and transgender people should be forced to leave Houston and even suggested that they face the […]

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