Faith Leaders Support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

The Texas Freedom Network is helping faith leaders organize in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and its protections against discrimination for all Houstonians. Check out the email that just went out from Fran Watson, Faith Organizer for Houston Unites:

Faith leaders for HERO

Heads up, Houston: we’ve got some work to do.

As you’ve likely heard by now, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — that we worked so hard to pass just a year ago — is in jeopardy. On November 3, we have to win it again — this time at the ballot box. As a faith leader, we need you to speak out in support of HERO. Add your name to the pledge today.

As a native Houstonian who values faith and has a passion for equality, it is heartbreaking to see faith being used as a tool to attack members of our community, which in turn, creates a division that is contrary to what HERO is intended to do: unify the city by providing protections for ALL Houstonians.

That’s why I’m thrilled to come on board with the Texas Freedom Network and the Houston Unites campaign to magnify faith voices in Houston that support equality for everyone.

Faith leaders for HERO

The first thing you can do to help is sign the pledge. After signing the pledge, begin thinking about what your congregation can do or will continue to do to support HERO. Let’s have a conversation about how we can work together to support and ultimately pass HERO.

Just reply to this email and let me know you are ready!

In the spirit of equality,

Fran Watson headshot

Fran Watson
Houston Unites Faith Organizer

P.S. If you haven’t yet, make sure to “like” Houston Unites on Facebook and follow @Houston_Unites on Twitter for the latest in this historic campaign to defend Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

3 thoughts on “Faith Leaders Support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

  1. First I am not a member of the clergy, second, I live in Hurst, not far from Fort Worth.

    However I need to express my feelings of sadness and disgust that so-called members of the clergy would lower themselves to the ranks of the lowest rung of the ladder of bigotry.

    Nobody in the LGBT community is the way they are because of a choice that was handed them at some point in their lives. I wonder how many of those hypocrites CHOSE to be straight and how many of them are fighting with themselves because they are what they hate.

    I am not any brand of Christianity but I know many who have walked out of Churches and became Noahides rather than follow any religion that hates, hates, hates.

    At one point in my life I was punishes repeatedly because I am and still am a left handed individual. Teachers in the 40s were sadists. Since being left handed was OBVIOUSLY a CHOICE they could change to being the “right” thing and become right handed. No way is that possible without some psychological damage being done.

    There are many things in this life that are choices. I choose not to be friends with unintelligent people who permit their lives to be controlled by words that were put down on parchment thousands of years ago.

    God did not write the book, men did and men used their hatred to write some nasty things back then. They did not understand mensuration, so they sent their women out of the house during their periods. God would not have done that.

    If God had written the books he is blamed for writing, he would have known that the planet is billions of years old, that sexuality is formed during gestation, and nothing can be done to change that any more than handiness is possible to change without damaging the individual. I’m more than proof of that.

    In order to escape the torture of two of my teachers who would tie my left hand behind my back in a very painful way I grabbed one of their rulers and before she could do anything about it, I hit her as hard as a kid could and broke her wrist…her RIGHT wrist.

    It was FUN watching her try to write with her left hand.

    The god of Christianity preached love; he also taught that God is ONE, not three beings in one. Preachers are still going around lying about that despite Jesus’ own words.

    My main problem is that I love all people who are not bigots and who have intelligence in place of superscription.

    Each and every so-called ministers will wake up and find themselves in–not hell because there is no such a place–but a few thousands if not millions of light years away from the Holy presence they preach. God hates them for hating others who are not like them.

  2. I would like to know what the Houston Area Pastor Council is doing to protect the right handed majority in Houston from recruitment by left handed radicals and their radical agenda to turn all Americans into Godless people who write with their left hands. Left handed people do not necessarily reproduce other lefties, so the only way they can significantly increase their membership is to recruit right-handed people when they are small kids and turn them into Godless southpaws. Oh Uhmericuh!!! When are you going to wake up to the dangers presented by left-handed writers and their evil agenda to bring down our nation?

    1. Oh Charles! Your wit is sharper than a two-edged razor.
      How ever did you discover our left-handed approach to brining down the country? That was one funny piece of writing, thanks for the chuckle.
      Do you think we ought to tell Krazy Cruz about this…what would McCarthy do?