Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s is engaged in an awfully cynical and abusive game. Now the state’s chief law enforcement officer is actually bragging that “we beat back CSCOPE,” referring to a decision by the state’s Education Service Centers to eliminate a key component of a program 877 school districts — nearly 80 percent of all Texas school districts — have been using.


Never mind the silly comparison of CSCOPE to the Common Core standards. They have nothing to do with each other. CSCOPE’s purpose is to help school districts teach to the Texas curriculum standards.

No, the ridiculous thing about Abbott’s tweet is that he’s proud that political bullying by him, state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, and a number of tea party and other right-wing pressure groups has gutted a tool that many small and mid-size school districts found useful. Honest people can disagree on how useful CSCOPE has been, with some teachers liking the program and others not. The point here is that local school districts had been able to make the decision about whether CSCOPE’s lesson plans were useful and appropriate for their students. They can’t anymore, and Attorney General Abbott

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The right-wing assault on CSCOPE in Texas has intensified with Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, posting on his Facebook page a statement from state Attorney General Greg Abbott. Abbott’s statement echoes critics of the curriculum system, which is used in hundreds of Texas public and private schools:

“The Attorney General’s Office has been working with Sen. Dan Patrick to scrutinize the CSCOPE program for several months. We are deeply disturbed by the CSCOPE content and have significant legal concerns about the program’s operations. Inexplicably, CSCOPE’s officials still have not taken any real steps to address the very concerns that have been raised thus far. It is time for the veil of secrecy to be eliminated and we will continue working collaboratively with the Legislature until CSCOPE is held accountable for any potential improprieties.”

So is Attorney General Abbott now buying into the bizarre, paranoid tales told by right-wingers who see CSCOPE as a vehicle for promoting Marxism and Islam in Texas schools? (See here and here.)  The program was developed through a collaboration of Education Services Centers across Texas. Those service centers, created by the state in the 1960s, provide support services… Read More

Just days after Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott received an award on March 22 from the far-right Houston Area Pastor Council/Texas Pastor Council, the group’s executive director says supporters of marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans are “enemies of God” and is calling on Christians to pray for their destruction.

The Pastor Council’s Dave Welch issued his call for “imprecatory prayer” on Monday, the day before the U.S. Supreme Court took up the first of two marriage equality cases it is hearing this week. Welch compared those cases to the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that protected the right of women to choose whether to have an abortion. Welch said the Roe decision had been handed down while abortion wasn’t socially accepted:

“In contrast, the enemies of God have been much wiser and have turned the hearts and minds of many if not most people away from His standards of morality and His design of gender and marriage – preceding the Supreme Court case and decision.

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We just sent out the following press release:

The president of the Texas Freedom Network today called on Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to decline an award from an activist group whose leader says President Obama is “anti-Christian” and an “enemy” of America, compares the president and other Democratic leaders to Nazis, calls Houston’s twice-elected mayor a “sodomite,” and has praised a prominent evangelical known for his anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish statements in the past.

A group called the Houston Area Pastor Council/Texas Pastor Council plans to present Abbott with a special award at a major fundraiser for the organization on March 22 in Houston. The group’s executive director, Dave Welch, has made numerous incendiary statements about President Obama and other leaders in recent years.

“We applaud and stand with clergy who work to build stronger communities and reject the language of division and hate,” TFN President Kathy Miller said. “But it’s troubling that the attorney general of Texas would lend his name in support of a group headed by someone whose rhetoric is so incendiary that he likens the president of the United States to Nazis and regularly engages in offensive personal attacks against the twice-elected mayor of our state’s… Read More

The image below comes from the political campaign of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Where to begin? Perhaps with the fact that the Bible is, in fact, taught in public schools. Sometimes unconstitutionally, but it is. Here’s TFN’s report on such classes.

Or maybe we should start by noting Tuesday’s Texas Senate Education Committee hearing, in which some conservatives argued for keeping comprehensive sex education out of public schools. So no sex education, but hey kids, let’s learn about Glocks!

Or maybe we should simply point out that the Texas attorney general clearly thinks political success requires pandering to the “God and guns” crowd.

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