In a repulsive attempt to use faith, fear and smears as political weapons, freshman Republican Congressman Francisco β€œQuico” Canseco of San Antonio is trying to persuade voters that he has Jesus on his side in his re-election campaign against a fellow Roman Catholic he says votes to kill babies.

Canseco’s campaign has been bombarding voters with mailers, printed in English and Spanish, attacking Democratic nominee Pete Gallego, a 22-year state legislator from the West Texas town of Alpine, on abortion, homosexuality and God. One mailer asks (on right; click to enlarge):

“If God gave Maria’s baby life, why does Pete Gallego vote to kill it?”

Another mailer (on right; click to enlarge) includes images of Jesus Christ, a baby and two men kissing and tells readers that Democratic leaders who support Gallego — President Obama, U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — have “said no to God,” “want abortion for underage girls” and “want marriage to be between man & man.”

The mailers call on voters to “Let Pete Gallego know these are not our values.” They include the disclaimer: “Paid For By Canseco for Congress.”

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