Stop Using MLK to Whitewash our History

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, the words “I have a Dream” come to mind. But in 2022, with the current Texas political climate, it’s critical that we remember all of Dr. King’s teachings and that his “dream” included ending white supremacy by seeking systemic change. […]

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Politics Trumps Health and Education in Texas Textbook Adoption

The Texas State Board of Education voted today to adopt new health textbooks from just one publisher after critics attacked all of the textbooks for content — even in optional units — that addressed topics related to sex education. Digital textbooks for elementary and middle school offered by three other publishers failed to win approval. […]

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SBOE Must Teach Texas Students the Truth on Sex Ed, Climate Change

Proposed New Health Textbooks Show Progress on Sex Ed in Texas, Science Standards Still Weak on Climate Change For Immediate ReleaseAug. 31, 2021 AUSTIN, Texas – As the State Board of Education hears public testimony on proposed new health textbooks and science curriculum standards today, the Texas Freedom Network called on the state board to […]

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5 Takeaways From the Texas Sex Ed Debate

In case you missed it, the State Board of Education late last month approved a new set of health curriculum standards, which cover sex education, for Texas public schools. It was the first time in a generation the SBOE has revised the state’s outdated standards. […]

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