Let's not beat around the bush. Texas State Board of Education member Ken Mercer, R-San Antonio, has problems with the truth. During yesterday's debate with his District 5 opponent in the March 2 Republican Primary, Tim Tuggey of Austin, Mercer once again mischaracterized the facts about the social studies curriculum writing teams and how those teams were put together:…… Read More

by Dan Quinn

This month's Texas State Board of Education debate over proposed new social studies curriculum standards provided many opportunities to see censorship at work. One of the most revealing instances of this came when state board member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, proposed adding Margaret Sanger and John Dewey to a list of individuals for high school American history students to study. Read More

Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar has now released a statement explaining that she will not seek re-election to her seat next year. She used her announcement to endorse Brian Russell, an Austin attorney and State Republican Executive Committee member, as her replacement. Russell has already announced his intention to seek the seat and said Dunbar recruited him.

From Dunbar’s announcement:

“I promised them that I would be a statesman and not a career politician and that I would get in, get the job done and get out.  That is exactly what I have done. I know it is common for politicians to make that promise and then conveniently forget it once they have reached the ranks of popularity and incumbent security.  However, I am satisfied that I have been effective in accomplishing all that I had promised and I intend to keep my word to my constituents.  I have kept my finger on the pulse of my district, which has enabled me to know what they ultimately want and I have not been deterred by minority opposition.”

The Texas Tribune has more here.

We’re unsure what job Dunbar thinks she finished. She has… Read More

According to reporter Kate Alexander at the Austin American-Statesman, David Bradley is confirming that fellow Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar will not seek re-election to her seat next year. Bradley told the Statesman that Dunbar recently began teaching at the Liberty University School of Law in Virginia and commutes from her home in Texas. The late Rev. Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University.

Bradley, R-Beaumont Buna, won re-election to his seat last year. The seats of two other far-right board members — Don McLeroy, R-College Station, and Ken Mercer, R-San Antonio — are up for election next year. So far McLeroy and Mercer appear to be seeking re-election.… Read More

Stunning news: Cynthia Dunbar may not be running for re-election to her seat on the Texas State Board of Education. Quorum Report, an online political news site (subscription required) based in Austin, is reporting that State Republican Executive Committee member Brian Russell, an Austin attorney, is seeking Dunbar's seat. According to QR, Russell says Dunbar recruited him to run. TFN has exposed and documented Dunbar's extremism in the past. In her 2008 book, One Nation Under God, Dunbar called public education a "subtle tool of perversion," "tyrannical" and unconstitutional. During the 2008 president election, Dunbar attacked then-candidate Barack Obama as a Marxist and a terrorist sympathizer who wanted another attack on America so that he could declare martial law and throw out the Constitution. Dunbar has also been a leader of efforts by the State Board of Education's far-right faction to politicize our children's social studies classrooms and to promote creationist arguments against evolution in science classrooms. Unfortunately, Russell would hardly be an improvement. He successfully persuaded the State Republican Executive Committee in March to pass a resolution demanding that all Republican state board members support creationist arguments…… Read More